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making a difference
and getting people
into cruising.
Keep up the
great work!
Peter Trogdon
Weems & Plath
Two Can Sail Catamaran Sailors on Goff Cay beach, Belize
Captain Jeff Grossman and Captain Jean Levine
"Take the Drama out of your Dreams"
with Jeff & Jean
Society of Accredited
Marine Surveyors
Two Can Sail Trinka 28 reaching in the Islands
Polyphonic sailing under five sails
Focused on Couples, our Five Step Plan to Your Dream offers a
path that can take you from "wondering if we can do this" to having a
successful and rewarding cruising experience on your own boat,
minimizing the drama and maximizing the dream along the way.

As Two Can Sail, we can help both of you on each of the Five Steps,
meeting the needs of novice and experienced sailors alike.

Sample the Life Style and Try A Cat catamaran sailings allow
you to learn while enjoying sailing between islands plus time to; dinghy
about, swim, snorkel, walk on a secluded beach, or just lie on the deck
at night star gazing far away from the city lights.

When you are ready to purchase your own boat, our
Boat Shopping,
Buyer's Broker
and Surveying skills will assist you in finding the boat
that best matches your interests and budget.

Please visit the pages on the left to learn more about Two Can Sail's
new Book: "Two Can Sail: The 5 Step Plan to Buy a Boat to Go
Cruising" as well as a variety of sailing and cruising education
opportunities, Seminars, Buyers Broker program, Surveying, and
Couples Sail Training offerings

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Jeff & Jean
The Five Step Plan to Your Cruising Dream
with Jeff & Jean.
Try A Cat anchored at Goffs Cay, Belize with Two Can Sail
Couple to Couple sailing Windward Beach Antigua
Two Can Sail Logo
 Nancy & Curt Catamaran Two Can Sailing on Pine Island Sound
Couples Cruising
with Two Can Sail

Two Can Sail
The 5 Step Plan to Buy a Boat
and Go Cruising
NOW Available as an EBook as well!
Buy it here on-line or get your signed copy at
one of the upcoming Boat Shows!
Order your copy of "Two
Can Sail: The 5 Step Plan
to Buy a Boat to go
Cruising" Here!
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Whats up Next for Jeff & Jean:
Sail Training with Dennis & Sara on their Skye 51 in New England early June
Try a Catamaran in Antigua end of July with Connie & Brendan, Rich & Ivy
New Boat Orientation and Training with Dean & Janice on their new Catalina 355
Helping several couples shop and find their dream boat!

Just completed:
New Boat Orientation and Training with Angela & Perry on their new Catalina 445
New Boat Orientation and Training with Tanya & Todd on their new Catalina 385
Teaching at Cruisers University in Annapolis MD
Helped these couples find and buy their dream boats!
    Jeff & Jill (Island Packet 485)
         John & Karen (Catalina 42)
                 Janice & Dean (Catalina 355)
                      Sheri & Dan (Allied Princess 36)
Jeff & Jean Two Can Sail Buyers Brokers and Couples Cruising Consultants
Jeff & Jean helped John & Karen find and buy Catalina 42
Jeff & Jean helped Jeff & Jill find and buy Island Packet 485
Jeff & Jean helped Sheri & Dan find and buy Allied Princess 36
Jeff & Jean helped Janice & Dean find and buy a new Catalina 355
IP485 "Argo" Jeff & Jill
Chesapeake Bay
Catalina 42 "Logistics"
John & Karen, Chesapeake Bay
Catalina 355 "Incorgnito"
Janice & Dean, Florida
Allied Princess 36
"Wondering Princess"
Sheri & Dan,  Florida