Two Can Sail on the beach at Peter Island, BVI
Two Can Sailing in Antigua 2013
British Virgin Islands  2021
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Experience the live aboard cruising life sailing the beautiful BVIs
This educational
sailing trip will bring
you enchanting
memories for a
Five Step Plan to your
Dream: Step Two
- You
may have completed
your “ASA 101-104
Bareboat Charter”
certification but not yet
chartered a boat on
your own or you may
want to sample the live
aboard cruising life to
see if you’ll like it, so
why not enjoy an
educational sailing
vacation. We will be
your guides as we
cruise and learn while
sailing in the azure blue
waters of the Caribbean
Sea. If you are dreaming
of sailing to exotic
places this is a great
way of sampling what life
aboard is like while
cruising in foreign ports,
learn what you need to
know for safe
comfortable cruising.
Sailing Dates  (50'  Voyage 480 or equivalent)
Check for 2021 Sailings
Sailing the British Virgin Islands with Captains Jeff & Jean
learning a modern cruising Catamaran while enjoying the
beautiful waters of these lovely Caribbean Island.

Explore:  Jeff & Jean have cruised the BVIs extensively,
including on their own boat. Just a few examples of the
wonderful experiences on the islands are; The
spectacular anchorage at Cane Garden Bay, lobsters
and snorkeling at Anegada, snorkeling the caves at
Normans bight, and the spectacular rock formations and
pools at The Baths.

Together we will go shopping for provisions, choose the
itinerary, Set sail then snorkel a reef or stroll on a
secluded beach, each couple will learn to handle the
boat as a team working together to maneuver
and anchor gaining confidence by actually running the
boat.  Each couple will take turns giving you both the
chance to kick back and just enjoy the ride.

Weather Routing and Charting: We will show you how to
interpret the local weather report data in order to decide
where we will be sailing. By using the weather information
overlaid with the local charts we can choose which way is
going to be the best sailing and anchorage.

Though this is an educational charter there
are no tests and nobody yells.

So enjoy a different type of sailing vacation
in a new port of call!
Our Couples Cruising the BVIs will focus on:
Enjoy the magic of the Caribbean on your own yacht
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Leopard 39 steps out sailing in BVIs
Couples Sailing catamarans with Two Can Sail
Cow Wreck Beach, Anegada
Green Bay
Leverick Bay, Gorda Sound
Two Can Sail on Cow Wreck Beach Anegada
Two Can Sail at Scrub Island Resort, Scrub Island, BVI
Two Can Sail at Leverick Bay, Gorda Sound
Scrub Island Resort
Two Can Sail logo
Leopard 42 under sail