Custom "Try A Cat" Sailing
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Experience the live aboard cruising life sailing the beautiful islands
sailing trips are
custom designed
to your interests.
Five Step Plan to your
Dream: Step Two
- You
may have completed
your “ASA 101-104
Bareboat Charter”
certification but not yet
chartered a boat on
your own or you may
want to sample the live
aboard cruising life to
see if you’ll like it, so
why not enjoy an
educational sailing
vacation. If you have
chartered in a level like
the BVI’s you may want
to expand your
experience by sailing in
an intermediate to
advanced location. We
will be your guides as
we cruise and learn
while sailing in the azure
blue waters of the
Caribbean Sea. If you
are dreaming of sailing
to exotic places this is a
great way of sampling
what life aboard is like
while cruising in foreign
ports, learn what you
need to know for safe
comfortable cruising.
Custom sailings are tailored to your level and
interests. We start the process by spending
considerable time talking with you both to
understand your experience and your goals for the
sailing. We then research the options and present
a custom program deigned to meet those goals.
We wish to note that Catamarans charter for a
premium rate and are typically priced assuming six
or more aboard. Almost all of our custom sailings
have involved our students having another couple
interested in joining them for the training and
sharing the costs.

As in all of our Catamaran sailings, you are free to
take the helm, set the sails, or enjoying the ride,
doing as much or as little as you want, no body
yells, feel free to ask as many questions as you
want. Sailing is very important to us and we will
endeavor to choose the destinations based on the
best sailing opportunities.

Time to Explore the history and culture of the
unique island villages. Enjoy the snorkeling on the
unspoiled waters of one of the worlds largest
barrier reefs

Provisioning: Our Yacht will be fully provisioned
before your arrival. We will plan on breakfast,
lunch and snacks and most dinners aboard. No
galley duty for the guests, unless you love to cook!
Relax watch the sunset and have fun!

Weather Routing and Charting: We will show you
how to interpret the local weather report data in
order to decide where we will be sailing. By using
the weather information overlaid with the local
charts we can choose which way is going to be the
best sailing and anchorage.
Our custom Couples Cruising:
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Two Can Sail with Leopard 45 anchored off Goff Cay in Belize
Enjoy the magic of the Caribbean Sea
from your own yacht
Cats ready to go for Two Can Sail at TMM Base, Belize
Captain Jeff smiling into the sunset with the Cat in the background
Two Can Sail can create a custom sailing just for you.
Location: You have a particular place in mind that you would
like to sail. We can research that locale and provide you with
a customized Catamaran sailing plan at that location suited to
meet your experience and budget requirements.
TimeFrame: You have specific dates that you would like to
sail. We can research different locations to check availablity
for those dates and provide you with a customized
Catamaran sailing during those times suited to meet your
experience and budget requirements.
Type of Catamaran: You have model Catamaran in mind
and would like to try cruising that model before making a
significant investment. We can research the locations that
offer those brands of Catamaran and offer customized
Catamaran sailing options suited to meet your experience
and budget requirements.
Which is most important to you: Location, Schedule or a specific model of Catamaran?
Dolphins play near by while Two Can Sail catamaran training on the West Coast of Florida
Capt. Jeff coaching Roberta during docking practice in Antigua
Capt. Jeff coaching Roberta during docking practice.
Two Can Sail teaching catamaran sailing in Antigua
Roberta & Jason snorkeling with Two Can Sail in Antigua
Two Can Sail teaching sail handling in Antigua
     Jason mans the sheets             Melanie grinds the winch
Melanie & Todd, Two Can Sailing in Antigua
Spectacular Sunsets catamaran sailing with Two Can Sail
Melanie has the helm while Todd keeps look out.
Captain Jean tails the line
Capt Jean helps the ladies haul the line
Two Can Sail Logo
Two Can Sail Logo