Sunset from Anchor during ASA Flotilla Pine island Sound
Sunset in the Virgin Islands with Two Can Sail
The Five Step Plan to your Sailing Dream
Two Can Sail Cruising instruction
Enjoy beautiful sunsets while cruising
Kate & Mike enjoy a sunset with Two Can Sail
Cyndee & Dan sailing in the Sunset with Jeff & Jean
Sunset cocktails in the cockpit of
your new cruising home in some
tropical paradise!
Sunrise in the Florida Keys with Two Can Sail
Couples Sailing Instruction on Catalina 42
Couples Cruising Instruction on Selene 43 Trawler
Couple Sailing Education on Vagabond 47
Couples Sailing Instruction on Double Play, Leopard 40 Catamaran
Louis & Consuelo
"Stella Maris" Catalina 42
Currently Cruising:
Spanish Virgin Islands
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Lou & Donna
"Double Play" Leopard 40
Currently Cruising:
Marsh Harbor, Bahamas
Walter & Janette
"Mela Kai" Selene 43
Currently Cruising:
Gulf Coast
Dave & Allison
"Black Swan" Vagabond 47
Currently Cruising:
Great Lakes
Dreams Do Come True!    Examples of Two Can Sail Couples
Libby & Dave: Two Can Sail Seminar attendees now out Cruising!
Libby & Dave
"Peregrine" Catalina 42
Currently Cruising:
Eastern Caribbean
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Peregrine Blog)
Diane & Mike: Two Can Sail Voyage Training couple
Diane & Mike
"Tuolomee" Hunter 50
Currently Cruising:
Virgin Islands
Sean & Cynthia: Two Can Sail Seminar attendees now out Cruising!
Sean & Cynthia
"Arkuda" Privilege 49
Currently Cruising:
John & Sharon: Two Can Sail Seminar attendees now out Cruising!
John & Sharon
"Sasha" Beneteau 390
Currently Cruising:
Chesapeake Bay
Jason & Roberta enjoy the sunset while cruising with Two Can Sail
Caribbean Sunset