Tampa Bay Flotilla
Two Can Sail and Sailing Florida Charters
Enjoy the beauty of the
islands of Tampa Bay and
the fun of Flotilla sailing
while learning couples
cruising from Jeff & Jean
Jean: $1,950 per person / double occupancy all
inclusive (provisions, dockage fees, fuels, etc.)
Click here for boat details
1) Join Jeff & Jean on
the lead boat. Limited
to two couples, see
below for details
adventure and vacation of my life. The
positives are too numerous to mention.”
Dave B.
Location: Vinoy Resort, St. Peterburg, FL   SFC Base
Famous Pirate Contest with each boat seeking to
gather the most loot over the week to win the prizes!
Halloween costume party on a Jeff & Jean Flotilla
On their own for the first time after ASA104!
Captain Jean
Flotilla Fleet lead by Jeff & Jean
Underway on sparkling waters with Jeff & Jean Flotillas
Charter a boat and join the flotilla with Jeff & Jean
Vinoy Hotel, 5 star resort
ASA Flotilla Fleet at Useppa Island
The 5 Star Vinoy Hotel marina will be
our starting and ending location
Sailing Florida Charters: Premier ASA School and Charter Fleet
Sailing Florida Charters: Premier ASA School and Charter Fleet
Click here for details on the Jeanneau 50 Deck Saloon
Three ways to join: