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Enjoy secluded beaches with Two Can Sail
Try A Cat with Two Can Sail
Captain Jeff Grossman & Captain Jean Levine, Two Can Sail!
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Training on Your Boat
Personal and/or Voyaging
Learn Your Boat with customized training specific to
tailored to your needs. Sail handling, docking, anchoring,
systems operation, systems maintenance, equipment
selection and much more.
Often done while sailing your new boat to its new home.
Learn how to take the drama out of your dream from
choosing the right boat to sailing away together in harmony!
Our Couples Cruising Seminar gives you the tools and
perspectives you need as a couple to safely pursue the
cruising lifestyle.
Sample of the Cruising Lifestyle
See if the cruising lifestyle is for you while learning at
whatever pace suits you both. Choose from sailings in some
of the finest cruising grounds in the world.
Try a Catamaran
Tired of heeling, why not try the live aboard life on a
Catamaran. Choose from various different layouts and boats
on a variety of breathtaking tropical island adventures.
Buyers Brokers: Boat Shopping
We have Captained more than 220 different model boats
both monohull and catamaran from sixteen to eighty five feet
so the chances are good we have spent real sea time on the
vessel you are looking for. We can help you sort out all the
different styles and rigs to find the one that matches your
tastes, and then help guide you through the process.
Marine Surveying
Our focus is on displacement vessels with a specialty in
cruising sailboats.
$15/ft for Insurance Surveys (in the water survey only)
$20/ft for Pre-Purchase Surveys Monohulls
$30/ft for Pre-Purchase Surveys Catamarans
(includes: In the water, Out of  water, Up rig inspection, Sea
trial under power and under sail)
These offerings are designed to guide you through the 5 Step Plan
to reach enjoying sunsets on  your own cruising boat!
Each program or service addresses a different Step in the Plan,  
tailored and focused on the unique aspects of cruising as a couple.
See below for an overview of each sailing or service and click
on its button on the left for details of the offering.
Captain Jeff operating Leopard 45 in Belize
Two Can Sail Couples Cruising Seminar Miami 2012
Two Can Sail Try A Cat on Leopard 44, West Coast of Florida
SAMS Accredited Marine Surveyor, Capt. Jean, surveys a Beneteau 390
Robert & Nancy doing their first over night passage with Jeff & Jean
Cynthia & Sean studying Adv Nav with Jeff on their R&C 46' Catamaran
Couples experience the joys of cruising with Two Can Sail