Learn Your Boat
Voyage & On Board Training
Step 4 in the Five Step Plan to your Sailing Dream
Two Can Sail Sailing Training
Jolene & Pat get training from Jeff & Jean on their new Catalina 440
Robert & Nancy doing their first over night passage with Jeff & Jean
Nancy & Robert
First overnight passage Clearwater to Key West
Voyage and Race Training,  Beneteau 42S7 "Octofoil"
After you purchased the boat you may not feel confident taking her out of the slip.
We can help you gain confidence with short handed docking techniques or perhaps
helping you set up your slip so that just the two of you can handle your lines with ease.

If you are moving aboard we can help you get organized. If you have bought a used
boat there maybe lots of spare parts and equipment stored through out the boat we
can help you determine what is of value and what is really just garbage. You may have
more storage than you thought once we have helped you sort it all out.

Next we can help you make a maintenance log to get you started on the right track
for when to change the engine oil, check the sea strainers, descale the air
conditioning systems, or maybe you need help figuring out how to pickle or un-pickle
the water maker. How about the navigation equipment, do you know how to tune your
Radar for your boat? We offer detailed personal instruction of how to use and maintain
your boats systems and equipment.
Learning Your Boat                           
Many of our couples come to Florida to find their cruising boat, but they live in
Houston or on the Chesapeake Bay or even on Lake Michigan so we provide voyage
training to help you bring your “new to you boat” to your home waters. We have sailed
on journeys both to and from the Caribbean as well. Or maybe you have had enough
near coastal experience but you would like help navigating the Gulf Stream for your
first crossing be it from Florida to the Bahamas or racing to the Yucatan across the
loop current, we can help. From three days to thirty days we can make a plan that fits
your needs and your budget.
What to expect: first allow at least two days to get organized and properly stowed for
sea. Check your safety gear, you may have purchased a coastal cruising boat but the
journey home may require some offshore passages. We can save you thousands of
dollars by providing offshore safety equipment like a six person Life raft, SOLAS
Flares, SPOT messenger service, and Satellite phone to name a few. These are all
items you may not need to purchase until you plan on long distance cruising.
Often we have surveyed the boat before you purchased it and can help assess the
work on the findings and recommendation that must be done versus what we can do
together or what can wait until you get home. By teaching you our weather forecasting
we’ll help you learn how to select the best window to move or when we should seek
save harbor.
We provide detailed instruction on how to provision and monitor your limited resources
on a long passage. The fuel system and fuel consumption, the need for clean fuel and
if the fuel is of unknown age we may recommend fuel polishing how to plan your stops
to refuel. We review what charts you need and what additional equipment you may
want to invest in before the journey, like installing an AIS receiver.
Practice our single-handed man over board technique to determine which works best
for you and your boat (remember, you’re a couple, if one of you goes over and the
other is now single-handing!).
In addition, we are always available after the trip to continue with technical support and
answer any questions you may have.
First Voyage Training                         
Debbie & Rob proud new Two Can Sail owners of Beneteau 40
Couple Sailing Education on Vagabond 47
Libby & Dave: Two Can Sail Seminar attendees now out Cruising!
Diane & Mike: Two Can Sail Voyage Training couple
Couples sailing instruction while cruising on a Vagabond 47
Couples Sailing Education while cruising in Florida Keys
John & Sharon: Two Can Sail Seminar attendees now out Cruising!
John & Sharon
West Florida to Chesapeake Bay
ICW and Offshore Voyage Training
"Sasha" Beneteau 390
George & Paula at Two Can Sail Seminar Annapolis
Chris & Robin at Two Can Sail Couples Cruising Seminar Miami
George & Paula
Florida to Chesapeake
Voyage Training
Jeanneau 42DS "TwoFish"
Chris & Robin
New Boat and Cruise Training
2012 Catalina 445 "Cerulean"
Pat & Jolene
Learn Your Boat & Cruise Training
"Suite Jolene" Catalina 440
Amanda and Mike
West Florida to New Orleans
Voyage Training
"Makini U'i" Beneteau 40
Dave & Allison
Florida to Buffalo, NY  via the Erie Canal
Voyage Training, Vagabond 47
"Black Swan"
Gus & Karla
Florida to Houston TX
ICW and Offshore
Voyage Training
Catalina 350
"Carpe Diem"
Couples Cruising Instruction on Selene 43 Trawler
Walter & Janette
Florida to Houston TX, ICW and Offshore
Voyage Training, Selene 43  "Mela Kai"
Diane & Mike
Florida to Virgin
via Bahamas
and Turks & Caicos
Libby & Dave
Brunswick GA to
Charleston SC
Learn Your Boat
& Voyage Training
Catalina 42
Couples sailing education while cruising on Catalina 42
Couples Sailing Instruction on Catalina 42
Louis & Conselo
Chesapeake Bay
Baltimore to Washington DC
Two Can Sail Sailing Training
Debbie & Rob
Florida to New Orleans,   ICW & Offshore
Voyage Training,  Beneteau 43 "Chick A Lou"
Training on Your Boat
Personal and/or Voyaging
with customized training specific to your
boat tailored to your needs. Sail
handling, docking, anchoring, systems
operation, systems maintenance,
equipment selection and much more.
Standard rate: $600/day plus travel
and expenses

Call us for quotations customized
for your boat and your learning and
voyaging needs.
Voyage Training
Hunter 50 cc
Learn Your Boat &
Voyage Training
Catalina 42
"Stella Maris"
Mike & Kate
First Overnight Passage, Tampa Bay to FL Keys
Voyage Training, Bristol 40 "Determined"